Older workers and Generation Z

A good story requires tension and conflict, so its not surprising that there are reports of generational conflict.  Boomers VS Gen-X were huge in my younger days, but people adapted.  Today the stories are Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen-Z conflict.  We are fed stories that intergenerational conflict is inevitable so its no surprise polls show people expect it.

The good news is that the majority of workers in the UK and Ireland (89%) surveyed from all generations believe that having a workforce of different ages is an asset to a company. However, the survey unearthed a key challenge that managers must overcome. Nearly two thirds (63%) of older employees expect workplace tensions to increase with the arrival of Generation Z into their companies. – Source: Older workers expect office tensions with Generation Z, survey reveals | Information Age

The story is about people expecting tensions, but for the Irish and the UK, the polls show people understand that we now have a multigenerational workforce.

Yes, there are differences in generational cultures which at time can cause conflict.  Just as when there are cultural differences it can cause conflict.  These differences when developed in a positive manner lead to a dynamic creative culture.  Experience meets an expanded viewpoint which leads to new possibilities.

As my mom said, “Where everyone thinks the same, no one thinks at all.”  The quote is from Walter Lippman, journalist and thinker of a previous generation.


PS. We old farts know why they smell the paper in the video above. LOL

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