Why Geezer Geeks Rock!

An article called “The Brutal Ageism of Tech: Years of experience, plenty of talent, completely obsolete“, by Alex Barinka inspired me to create this site.  Actually it was the story of Dan Scheinman and the genius who got Cisco to purchase VMware. 

Dan Scheinman said, “during a meeting with two bratty Zuckerberg wannabes, it hit him: Older entrepreneurs were “the mother of all undervalued opportunities.” Indeed, of all the ways that V.C.s could be misled, the allure of youth ranked highest.”

This holds true for not only ageing Venture Capitalists but the IT industry in general.  Older geeks are the mother of all undervalued opportunities and I want to celebrate their stories.

While there are indeed bratty Zuckerberg wannabes, who’s amusing over-inflated sense of self importance is always delightful to encounter.  Honestly, I think its cute, especially since Geezer Geeks know that reality will soon enough cure them of this hubris.

I enjoy hearing young geek stories too as well as enjoying the horrified looks on their faces when someone older than their dad beats them at Counter Strike. >:)  I’ve been gamin’ since 1978, young Padawan!  Remember Magnavox Odyssey then the Atari 2600?  Oddly enough, lots of Young Geeks know about the Atari system which came out in 1977.

Silicon Valley ageism is real and I plan to highlight some of those stories too, however always with a positive ‘take-away’.  Most Geezer Geeks have re-invented themselves numerous times over their careers and certainly all have adapted to change.  Loss of status in the IT industry however is something that can ‘sucker punch’ aging geeks.  The shift from ‘IT Guru’ to being seen as ‘Doddering ol’ obsolete useless appendage’, can be ‘soul crushing’.  Yet, the good news is that many Geezer Geeks have found a new niche and yes, a good income again re-inventing themselves.

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